The Tomahawk

The Old Brewery - Tomahawk Steak

The legendary ‘Tomahawk Steak’ was pioneered in Australia by our original Head Chef – approached local industry leaders and the guidance of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the grand design became a reality. By utilising the impressive style of local Wagyu beef, the Tomahawk was introduced and established as The Old Brewery’s signature.

The Tomahawk is one of largest steaks in Australia, weighing in at 1.3kg – 3.6kg (1.8kg average). Each Tomahawk is a rib-eye, or scotch fillet on the bone, and comes from the coveted Wagyu beef. Its namesake is the mammoth 30cm of rib bone left on the cut which consists of tender intercostals meat; a carnivore’s dream.

Tomahawk Stats

250+ days stockyard grain fed beef rib-eye
Suitable to share; available from 1.3kg to 2.2kg
A 1.8kg Tomahawk would feed four guests

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