In an industry where once local, independent brands have all but been consumed by big global companies it’s rather comforting to know that the site of Perth’s first brewery is now home to a new age microbrewery where the age old craft of brewing is being continued.

Such has been the extraordinary commitment to the craft by our Brewer Mark Reilly that within a year of taking on the role, The Old Brewery was acknowledged as “Australia’s Best New Exhibitor” in the 2009 Australian International Beer Awards. And the awards have just kept on coming!

The Old Brewery is a great spot to drop in for a quiet one after a day at the office.

Our brewing process is as pure and natural, using no artificial colours or preservatives. No added chemicals ensures a freshly crafted beverage free from nasties that gives you a hangover. When you visit The Old Brewery on any day of the week, you’re very likely to see our brewers working away behind the scenes. Heighten your senses and experience the interactive nature of our on-site microbrewery metres from the bar.